I have been working since 1998 as an animator, visualizer and director for architectural, television, cinema and web projects. I graduated with a degree in Animation at NBU in 2009 and have taught for 20 years at several universities and academies to thousands of people in live and online courses. I use a number of software professionally and am also a certified instructor for Autodesk 3dsMax and Chaos V-Ray.

I deeply believe in the need for higher quality and adequate education for the modern era. In 2019, I completed the documentary "Angels in Action", in which I showcased the workplaces and challenges of modern day teachers in their jobs and status in society. My inspiration for the movies was Angel Angelov, an IT teacher from Shumen, whom I met a few years prior. I also had a presentation about the film at TEDxStaraZagora - "Innovations in Ignorance".

On my official website I'm showcasing a small part of the projects and visuals that I have worked on. I often prefer to present my portfolio on paper. Over the years, I've come to believe that despite our highly digital world, the best way to make an impression of yourself is to show something physical. That's why in recent years I've been focusing on releasing albums and books.

I have lead and managed projects of varying scale, always striving to create a culture of knowledge sharing, open and clear relationships. 

This website is created entirely by me, using Bootstrap Studio and the wonderful Mozer font by Fontfabric. I also thank the writer, art manager and journalist, Momchil Tsonev, for his help in editing the texts.